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Captured Flying Saucers, July 1947: Alien Writing and Technology

July 7, 1947 news story on the crashed disc recovered by Reverend Joseph Brasky: 

Fort Madison Evening Democrat, July 7, 1947

The Rev. Joseph Brasky, a Catholic priest of Grafton, Wisconsin reported that a metal disc 18 inches in diameter with "gadgets and wires" around the hole in the center crashed into his yard with a mild explosion.  He announced that he was holding it for the FBI, but after close examination found the lettering "...steel, high carbon 100 per cent steel," and decided that it was a circular saw blade.

FBI file has news a clipping with photo, in page 23 of this PDF.

Rev. Brasky's case was not unique. In July of 1947, newspapers often had more saucer stories than they could use, and sometimes edited bits of them together, dumping anything on the topic into one article. This articles combines hoaxes, President Truman's outlook on saucers, E.J. Culligan's reward for the saucer solution, along with theories he'd received.

Albuquerque Journal, July 11, 1947, 
Wait, what was that about inscribed with "Japanese characters?"

Saucer With Alien Writing

Joseph Kemper of  York, PA.
July 12, 1947: The Gazette and Daily from York, Pennsylvania
YORK'S OWN HOME-MADE "FLYING DISC" Some people THOUGHT they saw "flying saucers" but Joseph Kemper, Dover RD 3, FOUND one in a corn field north of the city and brought it to York police headquarters. The aluminum disc, the size of a large radio record, has several tubes, condensers, resistors and other radio paraphanalia soldered on and some rubber tubing attached. The disc has some alleged Oriental characters painted over it in red. Says Chief Nelson L. Shultz: "If that will fly, so will a cow." Could be some practical joker was adding local color to a national fad, huh?
It's not known if this Earth-made counterfeit saucer was intended to look like a weapon from a foreign power or an alien device from outer space.

The objects were determined in both incidents to be of Earthly origin, but the identity of the hoaxers were not determined, so in that regard, these cases remain unsolved.

As with so many of the most interesting UFO cases featured here at The Saucers That Time Forgot, Project Blue Book has no files on these incidents. 

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