Friday, July 28, 2017

Flaming Egg-shaped UFO: Northern Ireland Sept. 8, 1956

UFO described as a small flaming red egg-shaped object

Moneymore, Northern Ireland
An Irishman named Thomas J. Hutchinson swore to police that he captured a flaming red flying saucer but it got away. There were several unusual features including red marks and tripes on the egg-shaped object, reminiscent of the later 1964 encounter in Socorro, NM by Lonnie Zamora.

Nampa Idaho Free Press, Sept. 10, 1956

As with so many of the most interesting UFO cases featured here at The Saucers That Time Forgot, Project Blue Book has no file on this incident. However, there are three news clippings in the files on the story, and a quote from ufologist Gray Barker, who thought that it might have been a small unmanned alien reconnaissance craft or drone. 
"I read the report on this, and it sounds like a 'Moniter' device."

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