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Sam Sawyer and the Flying Saucer Pirates

"Sam Sawyer learned …that the whole world was in grave danger! The threat came from the flying saucers. Two wrecked saucers had been recovered and found to be spaceships from another world!”

Thanks to Brian B. of the blog, What My Dad Saw, for his scans of Sam and the Flying Saucer Pirates. 

From the brochure, View-Master Reel List (early 1950s) PDF

Sawyer’s Inc. made View-Master, a viewer for "reels" sold separately, thin cardboard disks containing small transparent color photographs on film, seven stereoscopic 3-D pairs of images. The focus of View-Master was originally educational, and on travel and "cities of the world," but also included story reels for children based on things like fairy tales and cartoons. To achieve the 3-D effect, they used small clay sculptures and photographed the scenes with a stereoscopic camera. In 1950, they introduced “Adventures of Sam Sawyer.” Leland Green of Sawyers Inc. owned the character and series. 

According to J. Clement’s entry on creator Paul Sprunk at the View-Master Database:

“Paul Sprunk (1892 - 1963) was commissioned by Sawyer’s to create their own character, Sam Sawyer in 1950. He was never credited in the accompanying booklets. He had already worked on many Hollywood films as a miniature artist and had his own film studio.” 

“Adventures of Sam Sawyer” had six 1-reel stories, the first three released in 1950, then another group in 1951. The first and last reels featured Sam in space adventures.

1. Sam Flies to the Moon

2. Sam Finds a Treasure

3. Sam in the Land of The Giants

4. Sam in Darkest Africa

5. Sam in the Land of Ice

6. Sam and the Flying Saucer Pirates


The First Boy on the Moon

The stories were written for children, compact, short on details and characterization. As you’ll see in the opening line of “Sam Flies to the Moon,” it’s quickly established that our hero Sam is a scientist, inventor, and an intrepid explorer.

When Sam Sawyer finished his new rocket ship, he decided to fly it to the moon. Although the moon looked small and close at hand in the sky at night, Sam knew it was really a world in itself that circled the earth almost a quarter of a million miles away. He had often thought to himself, "If I were the first boy on the moon, maybe I would discover what kind of people live up there." Excited at the prospect of this, his most daring adventure to date, Sam loaded his ship, checked his space helmet and paralyzer gun, then climbed into his ship.

The titles for the seven scenes: 

1. Sam Sawyer enters his rocket ship. 2. Sam Leaves Earth for the Moon. 3.Sam Sets Foot on the Moon. 4. Sam Fights Moonmen with Paralyzer Gun. 5. Sam Struggles Hand to Hand with Moonman Leader. 6. Sam Surveys His Paralyzed Attackers. 7. He Rockets Back to Earth with Captured Moonman. 

Once he landed, Sam encountered the Moonmen, “strange man-like creatures. Their arms and legs were like metal tentacles, and their heads seemed to glow from within! Antenna-like projections served as ears and they carried short rods that emitted a weird red spark!” Sam was seen as a hostile alien by the Moonmen, and he used his paralyzer gun in self-defense. 

Sam decided to take (abduct!) the Moonman leader to Earth to show him that “we are not really monsters.” On the way, they become friends, and once there, “before he returned to his home on the moon, became convinced that human beings were, on the whole, decent peaceable people.

Sam Fights Moonmen with Paralyzer Gun

Sam’s first space mission had been for peaceful exploration, but not his second trip. He shot to kill, and the target was invaders in flying saucers. Before that voyage, a brief recap UFOs in culture circa 1950. 

In late 1949, writers Donald Keyhoe and Frank Scully both published flying saucer articles that were later expanded into bestselling 1950 book. Keyhoe’s book was based on documented events speculation from military sources, and the message of The Flying Saucers are Real was that visitors from other planets were coming in spaceships and the US government was hiding the truth from the public. Far less credible was Scully’s Behind the Flying Saucers, based solely on the second-hand account of oil swindler Silas Newton. It was a whopper about wrecked flying saucers and the bodies of the little men found inside, captured for secret study by the US government. Together, these two books established a lore that has forever since shaped the public’s notions about flying saucers. Scully’s book was reprinted in paperback, giving it further exposure in 1951, just shortly before the release of Sam Sawyer’s flying saucer adventure.

Sam and the Flying Saucer Pirates

“Sam and the Flying Saucer Pirates” was reel 6 in the series.

Scene 1: From the story booklet: “Using secret information from the wrecked saucers,” Sam built a long-range radar-telescope to track the saucers’ point of origin, finding it be “Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to our own sun.”

Sam's radar-telescope tracks a flying saucer.

Scene 2: Sam hopped into his spaceship and headed there. On his way, he spotted a saucer headed towards earth, so he blasted it to bits.

Atomic dischargers blow up the saucer from outer space.

Scene 3: Sam lands on their planet and finds a flying saucer factory, indicating they were gearing up to invade earth. Luckily, he thought to bring a bomb.   

Sam plants an H-time bomb at the flying saucer factory.

Scene 4: The Centarurians did not speak but communicated by “thought-waves” or telepathy. They carried weapons, rods that fired a red lightning-like ray that caused paralysis. Sam is abducted, and put in prison.


The men of star Proxima Centaruri paralyze Sam with ray-rods.

Scene 5: Sam had gone to their planet prepared for war, but when captured, tried to persuade them with thoughts of peace and friendship. It didn’t work. They’d been working for three centuries to construct a fleet to conquer earth, and they were launching the invasion soon.

The atomic blast rocks the planet.

Scene 6Bodies of the wounded and dead lay outside the factory and saucer parts are scattered for miles.

Sam views the wreckage of the Centaurian space fleet.

Scene 7: On the voyage home Sam thinks about how he’s prevented war between the planets. Maybe someday, they’ll have friendship, commerce, and tourism instead.

Sam rockets homeward, mission accomplished.

 “Sam and the Flying Saucer Pirates” is a contemporary of the movies The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Thing from Another World. Each has its own take of flying saucer lore, but only in Sam Sawyer did we see a protagonist that was capable of thwarting the aliens’ attempt to dominate the earth. 

For more on the "Adventures of Sam Sawyer," J. Clement converted all six Sam Sawyer adventures to anaglyph red/green 3D and presented them all in a YouTube video, View-Master Sam Sawyer Complete. It can be viewed as 3D (red/green glasses required) or as 2D for full color.

View-Master Sam Sawyer Complete

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SKYLITE: The Project to Mimic UFOs


The US government asked the McDonnell Douglas aerospace company to research the construction of an imitation flying saucer in 1970. At the time, the United States was led by President Richard Nixon, and Richard Helms served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Cold War with Russia  was hot. The US was mired in the Vietnam war and facing an expansion of the Soviet Union’s military forces in Cuba.

The UFO project may have been an offshoot of a prior contract with the CIA. In 1967 the CIA was doing business with McDonnell Douglas Company, and Project AQUILINE was to develop expendable unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles. According to CIA files, “Concentrated study was performed on a wide range of aerodynamic lift devices including balloons, ballistic glider, powered glider and helicopter types for this application. The powered glider was selected...” Aquiline was a small bird-like drone, test flown at Area 51.

From CIA files on Project AQUILINE

Meanwhile, McDonnell Douglas had a study project from 1967 to 1970 led by Dr. Robert M. Wood with the goal of duplicating the performance and propulsion reported in UFOs. Dr. Joseph M. Brown talked about working on the Advanced Propulsion Research Group in his 2004 book,
The Grand Unified Theory of Physics.

“Dr. Robert M. Wood (was) the deputy director of Research at Douglas Aircraft Company, in Santa Monica, California… Wood believed that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were spacecraft built and manned by extra-terrestrials… Furthermore, he had great confidence in his ability. ‘If extraterrestrials can build a flying saucer, so can I.’”

Describing the team, Dr. Brown said,

“Dr. Darell B. Harmon, Jr… held beliefs about UFO’s similar to Dr. Wood... that UFO’s were powered by anti-gravity propulsion and I was researching gravity so he hired me in spite of my disbelief in extraterrestrials. Thus the Wood-Harmon-Brown team was formed to invent a new propulsion system… In addition to the mathematical physicist, Leon (A. Steinert), we hired an experimentalist Harvey Bjornlie, a retired Los Angeles, California police detective Paul Wilson, a UFO ‘buff” Stan Friedman, and a psychic Chan P. Thomas... Our budget was less than $100,000.00 per year."

Dr. Wood described the group’s origin in his article for the October 2008 issue of the MUFON Journal, "McDonnell Douglas studied UFOs in 1960s," saying, “we opened up an account with an insipid title (Advanced Concepts) and internally called it the BITBR project (for Boys In The Back Room).”  Wood said he managed a team saying he devoted only about 10% of his time to the project, “Only Brown, Thomas and Wilson were full time (and later, Friedman).” During its four years of operation and $500,000 expended, the group conducted research including everything from lab experiments to field studies, investigating haunted houses, ESP and interviewing UFO Contactees.

In BITBR’s 59-page “Advanced Vehicle Concepts Research” presentation, May 2, 1968, the team summarized the goals of the project for management and stated what they had achieved to date. Page 50 mentioned the goal of building a UFO-like spacecraft, a DFO, (possibly for Douglas Flying Object). 

“A DFO can be built within our scientific limits.” It also mentioned, “analysis and duplication of UFO data.” The presentation closed by asking for another year’s funding, and stated, “Bring in DoD at end of year if results warrant.”

The company hoped to build flying saucers for the US government. That almost happened. In a section near the end of Wood’s MUFON article he revealed:

"Covert Applications
The only contact with the government about the Project came towards the end of the spring of 1970 when there was interest expressed by one of the intelligence agencies. This resulted in a draft proposal to ‘mimic, imitate or duplicate the observables associated with UFOs.’ We called this potential opportunity Project Skylite, and prepared a good deal of technical information in anticipation of contract work. It never materialized with McDonnell Douglas to my knowledge."

MUFON UFO Journal, Oct. 2008

The footnote for the passage cited: "Wilson, P. ‘Charts Defining Parameters of Design.’ Six pages, dated June 2, 1970."

The timing for Skylite was strange. The US government shut down Project Blue Book at  the end of 1969, so this would seem to have been unrelated to any study of UFOs. They must have been working towards some other goal. Earlier Project Aquiline CIA documents stated that “The obvious risk is loss of an unmanned aircraft over denied territory and the resulting political implications therefrom.” They thought that since the aircraft was small and unarmed, the risk was minimal. However, it’s possible the CIA considered developing another spy platform, something that would be unrecoverable, vanish like something unearthly.


The Project Skylite Documents

BITBR hired W. Paul Wilson, Jr. for his detective skills to be used in interviewing UFO witnesses, but he was also an engineer, and he also assisted the team in technical research. Files on the McDonnell Douglas UFO study and Project Skylite surfaced when UFO archivist Louis Taylor purchased them from the owner of a house previously occupied by Paul Wilson's widow. “The documents were found rotting away out in the barn.”  Material on the BITR study was published online back in 2007. The Project Skylite material was finally published online by Louis Taylor in October 2020, documents and parametric studies, all hand written by Paul Wilson between April and June of 1970.

Paul Wilson’s first page of an outline of the Project Skyline objectives, dated 4/5/70.

Electrical & Mechanical Systems to Produce Simulated UFO Observables

1. Illusion of physical objects with three-dimensional positivity in space - long & short term affects.

A. Sensed by visual, acoustical, photographic, radio and other EM instrumentation.

B. Large, very light, transparent bags inflatable with ionizable combustible gases. Spherical or saucer shaped.

(1) Bag should be constructed of highly combustible materials that completely vaporize or disintegrate without residue when contain gases or plasma is ignited.

 (2) Ionize contained gas is by means of high energy radar beams (local or objective operated).

(a). The geometric configuration of inflated bags are held to those dimensions that would resonate with the frequencies of exciting radiation.

(b) Parabolic umbrellas for maximum energy concentration.

(c) Spherical resonate cavities for maximum energy absorption.

 (3) Gas mixture and/or system may contain, short half-life high energy radioactive materials to initiate ionizations & emit particle radiation signals.

 (4) Combustible gases at critical mixtures and/or temperatures may be ignited by radio controlled igniters, laser beams, or by spontaneous combustion at predetermined times.


Electrical & Mechanical Systems to Produce Simulated UFO Observables

Proposed shape and structure for the Skylite UFO simulators

“UFO simulator” is how the project was referred to in early internal documents. BITBR went well beyond just spoofing the appearance of a UFO in flight, they also wanted to duplicate other “UFO observables” such as the shape, illumination, sounds, that were reported. Apparently for this project duplicating high speed flight was not a goal except perhaps in the “vanishing” of the balloon when it disintegrated. As for the radar cross-section and electromagnetic signature they desired, that would be accomplished with a “metallic coating for maximum reflectivity.” 

Skylite Parametric Studies, 5/18/70

The aerial platform was intended to be built around Edmund Scientific “Giant Weather Balloons” in the 8 and 16-foot sizes.

Edmund Scientific Weather Balloon ad and product, circa 1968

It was determined that an airborne platform alone was insufficient for generating the spectrum of desired effects and a ground based would be required to generate some of the electromagnetic properties and secondary characteristics.

The timing of shortly the US government’s interest in the BITBR project is strange. It came shortly after the Condon Study’s conclusion was published in 1969 that there was no scientific benefit to studying UFOs. The closure of Project Blue Book followed, so it would seem the US government’s interest here was not scientific. Various notes throughout the Skylite documents give a clue as to the purpose of the project. “Significant information as to an observer’s observational capabilities – with decoy & confusion features.”

Illustrations from Using a Giant Weather Balloon to Create Artificial Moonlight

There’s no clear documentation that any Project Skylite flight experiments took place, but some of the parametric studies suggest there may have at least been a few balloon tests. Describing the overall BITBR experiments to duplicate UFO characteristics, Dr. Wood said they tried to see “whether the speed of light could be influenced by a large magnetic field,” and a later “a second attempt to use magnetic fields… measured whether there was any change in forces… with respect to gravity. Again the result was null.”

The lack of results from the UFO study prompted McDonnell Douglas to spend the money elsewhere, and Wood said, “the consensus was that we should cancel the BITBR project.” Skylite died with it. If the US government pursued the simulated UFO project, it was without Wood’s McDonnell Douglas team. The CIA responded to our FOIA request for records relating to Project Skylite with a form letter about UFO document requests.

Further Sources and Recommended Reading

For other US government attempts to duplicate UFO characteristics and performance, see our article from May 6, 2020, UFO Study Programs and US Military TechnologyFor more on deception and exploitation of the UFOs by military intelligence, see the 2010 book by Mark Pilkington and John Lundberg, Mirage Men: A Journey into Disinformation, Paranoia and UFOs. 

The McDonnell Douglas UFO Study

Douglas Aircraft – UFO Research Documents (1967 – 1969)

Keith Basterfield has written extensively on McDonnell Douglas’ BITBR project: The McDonnell Douglas UAP study. See also, Project Skylite papers uploaded.

Information Dispersal by Louis Taylor: Project Skylite Documents

Project Aquiline

CIA Documents: Project Aquiline

John Meierdierck was in charge of the CIA’s Project Aquiline operations at Area 51, and wrote an account of why the project was scrapped in 1971. See Flying Stories: Project Aquiline

The CIA's Bird-Shaped Aquiline Drones Could Still Be Caged Up At Area 51 by Brett Tingley



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Enid Brady, Bob Ewing, and the Voices from Space

In August 1957, US military officials at the Pentagon examined evidence of extraterrestrial visitors. Robert Ewing said he was in regular contact with aliens, and he that they had appointed him their ambassador. At the Pentagon, he presented a 90-minute tape of a message from space.

It began in Florida with Enid Joan Brady. At the age of two, Enid emigrated with her parents from England in 1909 and settled in Ohio. She began her career back in the 1930s, training as a medium in Los Angeles, appearing in psychic demonstrations with Felica Crossley’s Institute of Metaphysical and Psychic Sciences. By 1936, Enid was lecturing and performing on her own as a spiritualist, and soon became known as Reverend Enid Brady based in Canton, Ohio, speaking across the USA. 

By 1954, she had relocated to Daytona Beach, Florida, and was advertised as a "Noted Camp Worker, Spiritualist and Trumpet Artist." There, she held religious services as the "First Christian Spiritualist Church” in a dingy meeting room at the faded Prince George Hotel.

Brady later said her UFO fame came after “four year’s research,” which would mean she began in 1953, the year George Adamski and Desmond Leslie’s Theosophy-based book on contact with Venus was published, The Flying Saucers Have Landed. In 1955, Enid formed the Daytona Beach Flying Saucer Research Club, with an announcement published in the New Age and UFO newsletter, The Little Listening Post, Dec 55/Jan 56 issue. Publisher Clara John said Enid Brady had called to tell her about it, and that she also “gave much intimate ‘contact info’.” Max Miller’s Saucers, March 1956 carried listing of UFO Group Meetings:

“FLORIDA, Daytona Beach -- Flying Saucer Research Group, 8 p.m., 1st & 3rd Friday, Prince George Hotel, 212 N. Ridgewood. Contact Enid Brady (Clinton 2-9996).”
Home of Enid Brady's church, flying saucer club, and press center.

In January 1957 Enid’s club began organizing a flying saucer convention and invited the Gray Barker of the Saucerian Bulletin and James W. Moseley of Saucer News to speak at the event. There’s no record of who attended, but it’s claimed that Donald Keyhoe lectured for them.

As a medium and spiritualist, Enid served as a voice for those in the spirit world. Something changed in the mid-1950s when Rev. Brady began to channel voices from Venus. But no one really heard about until she picked up a partner.

Robert Ewing lived in Edgewater, Florida. After graduating Dartmouth College in 1937, he went to New York to sell small planes and manage a small airport near Olean, NY. He moved south and was a television salesman when he met Enid Brady. This profile from The AOPA Pilot magazine, May 1959 (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) provides a good introduction.

Ewing was interested in flying saucers, and when he heard about Brady’s contact in 1957, he became her partner and publicity agent. Bob Ewing’s business letterhead he described him as "Representing the Planet Venus." In late August 1957, he arranged a press conference and demonstration of contact.

Enid Brady sat in a chair, closed her eyes, and then her body stiffened, and she began speaking in low-pitched voice. For the press, Rev. Brady channeled Johan, a Venusian man stationed on “Satellite Five,” orbiting far above the earth. Johan told about how his people’s ancient civilization had been flying their ventlas (spaceships) to observe earth for over 200 years. The ventlas had small generators that converted magnetic space force into electrical energy for propulsion. After he was done, Cymatrili began speaking, a higher, elegant voice, a 250-year-old woman (Venusians could live to be 700), a master teacher. The Venusians said they were peaceful and that our planet was finally mature enough for contact. They would be sending a ventla landing party between November 22 and 28, touching down nearby, and the attending reporters would be notified for interviews.

Orlando Sentinel, Aug. 22, 1957

Later news articles described Johan’s voice as low, Cymatrili’s as high, as if Enid Brady was using stage voices for different characters. Most of the messages echoed that from other Theosophy-derived Contactee stories but the tales were richer in texture, with the different model ventlas and the growing cast of characters, Cymatrili, Johan, Mandall, Hamatra and the others stationed on the Venusian satellites orbiting the Earth. Reporter Norman Wolfe covered the story as further details emerged over the months in frequent articles for the Orlando Sentinel.

Ewing revealed that Venusians “look like Earth people but have finer features and are tall.” However, “Martians are short, like Pygmies, and are very strong.” The two planets were friendly, both spoke the same language and visited the earth. “In 1954 three Martians landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California and were taken into protective custody by the United States. From a study of the Martian aircraft the U.S. learned how to make planes which now take off vertically.”

Wolfe reported that merchandise was planned, “Ewing hopes to sell recordings of Cymatrli’s voice and a book supposedly dictated by her. He says Columbia Records is interested in an album.”

Orlando Sentinel, Sept. 8, 1957

A flurry of local press followed, but Ewing wanted to get the message to the top. He travelled to Washington, DC and joined with flying saucer advocate, Wayne S. Aho, a retired Army major. They were able to obtain a meeting with Defense Department officials and play the taped messages from Venus for them.

Ewing said, “I visited the Pentagon several days ago and told them of my contact with Venus. They told me I would hear from them.” Meanwhile, back in Washington, Wayne Aho was getting impatient and told the United Press about the Pentagon meeting and played a copy of Brady’s tape for them. The story made the papers across the USA, but the press was unfavorable. After hearing the tape, the Defense Department concluded that it was at best, “Unimpressive and unconvincing.”

La Grande Observer, Sept. 19, 1957

The complete UP story ended with the final sentences:

 “Also, when their ships fly over Dew Line (the radar warning network) they will signal in Morse code V-E-N-T-L-A. Aho noted that in agreeing to the signal system, the voices from Venus "were not speaking for ships from other planets, just their own."

In the flying saucer business, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Ewing became a local celebrity, as a Contactee who spoke to aliens. Somehow, Enid Brady was often relegated to a supporting role, like a magician’s assistant.

Orlando Sentinel, Sept. 10, 1957

Bob Ewing played another taped message from Venus at a Cocoa Beach fish fry in late September. Enid wasn’t there, but Wayne Aho attended to lend his support. A new voice was heard from, Hilee, director of flight training on Satellite Five. The big news was that Venus was monitoring our atomic weapons development and had recently destroyed the test flight of a faulty Atlas missile to prevent anyone from being harmed. Also, there was supposed to be a saucer landing at Patrick Air Force base that weekend. It didn’t happen, but there were some various sighting reports.

Ewing continued the publicity campaign with Rev. Brady, and they flew to Miami for another press conference.

Miami Herald, Sept. 30, 1957

The same issue ran a profile on Ewing.

Miami Herald, Sept. 30, 1957

The Orlando Sentinel, Oct. 1, 1957, reported that Rev. Brady channeled the message from Venus that they were represented by six voices on earth, two others in the US, one in the UK, George King (of the Aetherius Society), and one each in France and Russia. Further details of the Venusian’s bases and ventla flights were also revealed, like the fact that they can bend light rays around their ships to become invisible.

In a United Press story, Enid commented on the Soviet Sputnik satellite program, saying it was insignificant compared to what the Venusians already had done long ago.

Orlando Evening Star, Oct. 5, 1957

Brady and Ewing travelled to attend the annual convention of the National Spiritual Association in Portland, Maine, and while they were away, there were a few local sightings back home.

The Portland convention trip resulted in a major media story by George W. Cornell, who reported on religion for the Associated Press. His Oct. 17, 1957, article summarized the events and relayed the negative opinion from the National Spiritual Association, “At this time, we feel this communication with Venus has no bearing on spiritualism.” Some new details emerged, including the claim that the Venusians’ original mission was to halt the pollution of space from our atomic blasts, and they had sent the “green fireballs” to neutralize the radiation.  Ewing said, "I thought it was all a lot of bunk at first. I'm a practical guy, and I didn't believe it. But now I've talked to them enough to know it."

Eugene Guard, Oct. 19, 1957

There was some notable flying saucer activity in November, like the Levelland, Texas UFO sightings, and far less credibly, the Reinhold O. Schmidt encounter in Nebraska. His spacemen were from the wrong planet, Saturn, but Wayne Aho latched on to the Schmidt story for a while and vanishes from this one. Enid Brady and Bob Ewing benefited from the late 1957 flying saucer flap but did not connect their franchise to the other events or overtly claim it as part of the Venusian contact program.

Minister Gilbert Holloway (a Contactee himself) capitalized on Enid’s celebrity status while advertising her appearance in Miami for two shows at his New Age Church of Truth.

The New Era

“Venusians Fail To Land As ‘Promised’.” The November deadline came without any ventlas arriving. But there had been a caveat, the aliens allegedly told Ewing they would land “when the time was right.” Prophecy never fails.

Orlando Sentinel, Nov. 29, 1957

Bob Ewing was back with another story later in the year. He claimed the Venusians had sent a package of “vital information” to the US military to assist them in their missile and rocket research. They’d dropped it in a lake. As for the November landing, it had been scrubbed due to the presence of “unfriendly people who apparently meant no good to the Venusians.”

Vivian McMillian’s column in the Orlando Sentinel, Jan. 19, 1958, reported on the debut of a five-page flying saucer newsletter, The New Era:

"We have just read a copy of The New Era, a bulletin being published by Bob Ewing and Miss Enid Brady on their 'contacts' with the Venusians. According to the bulletin the ventlas will start flying again soon in the 'second stage' of their operation to penetrate the consciousness of the earth people and acquaint them with their plans for eventually landing and assisting the earth people to find peace and a better way of life. The bulletin goes on to say that Johan, communications officer for satellite five, flatly states that the Russians have definitely launched humans into space and furthermore that it was a woman who was sent into space in the Russian satellite. Also, according to Johan, Russia's Sputnik No. 1 will not fall to earth until June of this year."

Feb. 7, 1958, the Lions Club sponsored a Space forum held at Cocoa High School. Besides Enid Brady and Bob Ewing, “Sitting on the panel will be men from the following professional fields: Dr. J. R. Doty, physician; Charles B. Schneer, electronics; R. Moehle, meteorology; Rev. E.L. Stanton, theology; William Roundtree, law; James Glendinen, laymen; Comdr. A.L. Jacobsen, U.S. Navy Vanguard project; and possibly a member of the U.S. Air Force.”

In March, the papers announced that Enid Brady’s Daytona Beach Flying Saucer Research Club was holding a one-night convention at the Prince George Hotel, “featuring (seven) principal workers in the field of unidentified flying objects,” including authors and lecturers on the subject. No names were given, but the Miami convention featured “Dr.” George Hunt Williamson, Rev. John McCoy, and Judge Frank B. Dowling, talking about flying saucers, ancient peoples, and religion.

Bob Ewing managed to keep his name in the press with minor saucer news. While visiting relatives in New York, Ewing made an unscheduled appearance on the Long John Nebel’s radio show on May 30, 1958. He explained that “Miss Brady and I are given to understand by the Venusians that we represent them, with the little bulletin that I put out, ‘The New Era,’ …are given instructions and guidance. We are unpaid employees of the planet Venus, as we see it.” Unfortunately, Ewing did not bring a tape of Enid’s trance contacts to play on the air.

Long John Nebel with Bob Ewing, 5/30/58 (YouTube, 3 hours)  

A few months later, Ewing was back in the Florida papers with another whopper.

Orlando Sentinel, Aug.17, 1958

We found no mention of either Brady or Ewing in UFO-related matters in 1959. According to an article in the April 19, 1959, Orlando Sentinel, Bob Ewing took a job with the spiritualist magazine, Psychic Observer, published in Southern Pines, North Carolina. 

Enid Brady carried on without Ewing, but she did not abandon the saucer business. She’d moved her church from Daytona Beach to its own home at 1531 Center Ave., Holly Hill. In May, “The New Era” bulletin was renamed “Golden Era Letters,” published and edited by Enid Brady.

Former site of Enid Brady's church

The Miami Herald, Feb. 8, 1960, published an article that indicated the Brady-Ewing saucer business was over. It was short on details, but Enid Brady distanced herself from the saucer prophecy with a peculiar claim, “I’ve discovered something that leads me to believe there is no such place as Venus -- as we conceive it.” Bob Ewing was “now selling swimming pools.” 

No Venus? It had been previously revealed that the Enid had been talking to people on orbiting space stations, not with anyone actually on the planet Venus. Maybe they'd fibbed about being from Venus, or? Maybe she lost Venus in some kind of custody battle with Ewing. Bob showed up in a few Miami talk show listings, the last press we found for him was in Sept. 1960, billed as an “ESP specialist,” and “press agent for Venus.”  

Norbert F. Gariety, publisher of the saucer newsletter, S.P.A.C.E. frequently covered Brady’s exploits. In July of 1960, Gariety, said, that Enid Brady informed him, “the space people are bringing here to this planet, new types of animal life and also… new types of flowers are also appearing, of which there was no prior record.” He paid Enid attended a meeting at Enid’s church and wrote about her “mental contact with visitors from other planets.”

S.P.A.C.E. Sept.1960

Enid’s advertising frequently mentioned her “Space Contact” work. She published “Space Bulletin” through the mid-1960s, and around the same time she also published issued a 7-page booklet, “Atlantis Rediscovered.” She continued to travel to Miami, and in Dec. 1960, Enid lectured for the Mark-Age (UFO-related religious organization) alongside Contactee Gloria Lee, but apparently something was off. In S.P.A.C.E., Jan. 1961, Norbert F. Gariety carried a notice at Brady‘s request: “she is no longer associated in any way with ‘Mark-Age’ or ‘Cosmon Research.’” (Both connected to Gloria Lee.)

Throughout the early 60s Enid's lectures continued to deal with otherworldly contact, with such titles as “Voice From Outer Space.” 

Miami News, Jan. 17 & 22, 1966

The last mention of Bob Ewing we could find was of his 1966, appearance on “The Betty Groebli Show” on WRC. Skeptic Philip J. Klass interviewed Ewing, who was described as a “space medium.”

Enid was about done with the UFO business, too. Larry Bryant wrote that,” in early January 1967, she wrote me about having received a threatening phone call. She said it so unnerved her that she decided forthwith to suspend publishing the [Space] Bulletin. She suspects the man making the call was a CIA operative.” After that she kept the space contact work on the "hush-hush side." There was one final documented Enid Brady extraterrestrial encounter.

The 1968 Oak Island Séance and the Space Entities

In 1973, Esquire magazine reporter Don Rosenbaum said he found transcripts of three 1968 seances that Oak Island treasure hunter Dan Blankenship attended. Rev. Enid Brady of Daytona Beach was hired as a medium, and on Jan. 12, 1968:

“… according to Rev. Brady, it was successful. Two ‘space entities,’ as she called them, were summoned in the Mount Vernon seance, and in this and the ‘many’ others that followed, Blankenship was told facts about Oak Island never heard before. The two space entities, Athea and Hambul. confirmed the existence of the treasure, Rev. Brady said [and also] how to retrieve it.”

The Palm Beach Post, Feb 28. 1973

Enid Brady’s First Christian Spiritualist Church was renamed at the end of the 60s, and from 1969 on it was called the Little White Church, affiliated with the National Spiritualist Association. She continued to perform in public, but seldom mentioned anything like ventlas.

In the late 70s, Rev. Brady was teaching classes for the Daytona Beach community college for parapsychology at her church in Holly Hill.

In the article about her saucer days for the MUFON Journal, Jan. 1983, “Enid Brady’s E-T Contact Legacy,” Larry W. Bryant wrote, “In an effort to bring myself up-to-date on her status, I called her on April 16, 1982...” 

We found no mention of Rev. Brady’s lectures or ministry after March 1983, and it seems Bryant’s piece seems to have written about the time of her retirement. We found no record of the death of either  Enid Brady or Bob Ewing, but it's near certain they've since moved on to another world. We toast them as two Ufologists That Time Forgot.

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