Thursday, December 2, 2021

Flying Saucer Clickbait from 1947

In the internet age we're familiar with "clickbait," but the concept was practiced in newspaper headlines and advertising long before the digital era. The collection below is of newspaper items published between July and September 1947, all using the popularity
 of UFOs as bait.

Flying saucers were frequently the topic of gags in editorial cartoons.

Newspapers would use any flying saucer element as a reason to print a novelty photo.

Also, see our previous article focusing on the exploitation of flying saucers and females for photos, The Saucer Pin-up Girls of 1947

Advertising is where things really wet wild. The words "Flying Saucers" would appear in an ad just to attract attention, no matter if they were selling shoes, insurance, or liquor. 

 Miscellaneous Classified Ads

Bicycles and Children's Shoes

Car Loans, Grocery Stores, Furniture, Underwear...


Restaurants and Liquor Stores

This advertiser was an early adopter of the consciousness movement in UFOs. Uncle Mike proposed that contact might be initiated by reaching an altered state.

Our earlier article on 1947 UFO exploitation featured a look at  promotional stunts where airplanes dropped paper plate "flying saucers" with advertising. In many of those campaigns the captured saucer had a message telling the finder to go to the business to claim a discount or prize. Be sure to read, When Flying Saucers Dropped on the USA

Right from the start, UFOs were commercialized, and it's not much different today. Merchandise, celebrities, and hucksters often command more attention than the mysteries over our heads. We need to stop, tale a breath and...

Watch the skies!

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