Thursday, September 24, 2020

Updating UFO History

George M. Eberhart describes himself as a librarian, cryptozoologist, historian, researcher, and Fortean. He recently published something very noteworthy.

After an effort of many years, I have prepared a comprehensive timeline of UFO history that will be useful to UFO researchers and historians. "UFOs and Intelligence” is an up-to-date retrospective of UFO history (from Agobard of Lyons to the newly appointed US investigation agency UAPTF), intertwined with events in US and world history concerning military and civilian intelligence agencies and the cult of secrecy. It is now 679 pages and more than 555,000 words (including a substantial “Sources and Further Reading” appendix). 

Readers will discover or rediscover many events, people, and UFO cases they may not be familiar with. Some will find it useful for current or planned research projects. Military cases, those involving commercial aircraft, close encounters involving physical traces and other evidence, reports involving occupants or entities, and events surrounding military and sensitive nuclear sites are emphasized, but this timeline covers the full spectrum of UFO history, from contactee experiences to misidentifications of mundane phenomena and notorious hoaxes. Links to online sources are given, and links to biographical information are provided when available. 

A timeline like this allows us to view events from a different perspective, letting us make connections we might not otherwise see. It forces us to view the big picture, amid the grand flow of UFO cases, military security decisions, a vast swathe of personalities, and world history. 

Eberhart's timeline is hosted as a 679-page  PDF at the NICAP or CUFOS sites:

George Eberhart's timeline is a great  resource, and we're proud to see The Saucers That Time Forgot included among the many sources. We understand that George will be periodically revising the timeline, so this will be worth following for the additions and updates.

Speaking of Updates...

The work of Louis Taylor at Information Dispersal was the subject of our July, 16, 2020 posting, Ufology: Information Dispersal - Documents and Photos. Louis has kindly shared other historical documents and photographs for recent and forthcoming articles. He also provided a few rare items pertaining to some of our previous articles. The following six have been updated with:

An extremely rare flyer from the film distributor to UK theaters on the exhibition of The Flying Saucer Mystery has been added to: The First UFO Documentary: The Flying Saucer Mystery

An original UPI photo of the airframe and artist's conception of the: Princeton University's Flying Saucers for the US Army.

An original UP photo of witnesses John Black and John Van Allen from an early saucer contact case has been added to: Flying Saucer Ambush: Brush Creek, CA, 1953.

A flying saucer model photo from the 1959 National Models Exhibition in London: UFO Exploitation: Targeting Children.

The flying saucer and Martians of the UK's the Royal Air Force Maintenance Command for: UFOs: Real True Hoaxes of Advertising.

An original Buhl Planetarium flyer for the program "The Mystery of the Flying Saucers" has been added to:Astronomer Arthur L. Draper on The UFO Mystery

Thanks again to both George Eberhart and Louis Taylor for their work in preserving and sharing UFO history.

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