Friday, September 28, 2018

Kenneth Arnold's 1952 UFO Book Promotion

Kenneth Arnold was back in the news in September 1952, due the release of his new book, The Coming of the Saucers, which was co-authored by his friend and publisher, Raymond A. Palmer. The story "Flying Saucer-y" was prepared by King Features Syndicate, and carried in many newspapers as a full-page story.

Here's a shot of the page, followed by larger views of the pictures and text.

The article also featured 11 photographs from the book, both about Arnold's experiences and other UFO and Fortean events he found genuine.
Radar ghosts or "angels."
Here's the two columns of text from the article.

There were a few photographs from a rising star on the saucer scene, "Professor George Adamski," from pages 190-191 of the Arnold-Palmer book.

Also included were photos of  mysterious objects in the sky and a puzzling bridge fire.

Here's the advertisement for the book from Ray Palmer's  Sept. 1952 Fantastic Adventures magazine:

The Coming of the Saucers by Kenneth Arnold and Ray Palmer is hosted online as a PDF at the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society.

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  1. isnt it fact the pilot kenneth arnold and publisher palmer colluded to raise awareness of ufo's dont people understand that some aspects of palmers business found its way into his ufo example an logger reported that when retrieving lost logs felled as timber from water course an ufo was spotted and even dumped slag metal apperntly from its hull on the foreshore...arnolds witness was also an chronicler for ray palmers magazine and without wood pulp would ray have an publishing business at all?...did arnold and palmer not really see the coming of saucers but the coming of official secerecy over the subject...and why are we told pilot kenneth arnold was quite happily flying over mount rainer on clear day when he happend on ufo's when the reality was an very serious purpose lay behind his flight which was concerned on discovering the crash site of an us army aircraft and the recovery of dozens of dead army personell...which begs the question what really did bring this flight down and was that the trigger for arnolds very public very relaxed and very professional handling of his rather controversial disclosure...


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