Friday, August 30, 2019

The UK Saucer Invasion of 1967


Twenty years after Kenneth Arnold's 1947 sighting of a flock of flying saucers in the USA, the UK seemed to be the site of a mass UFO landing.

Monday, September 4, 1967: Police, military and the MoD's intelligence branch joined the effort to recover six mysterious discs located across southern England. The event created a sensation and was widely carried in the media in the UK and beyond.

British Pathé TV's channel on YouTube presents a one-minute news story: "Unidentified Flying Objects (1967)."

From the USA, the Associated Press' coverage in the Youngstown Vindicator, Sept. 5, 1967 revealed that it was an elaborate partnership hoax by a group of college science students:

From John Keeling's 1967 Flying Saucer Hoax: How Big Are Little Green Men? Facebook page.
There's far more to the story and John Keeling is working on a book detailing the definitive chronicle of this saucer scare Until then, see Keeling's article about this incident:

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