Friday, January 26, 2018

Saucer Scares: 1952

President Truman, besieged by Saucers.
Reno Evening Gazette, Aug. 5, 1952 .

1952 was perhaps the most important year in the history of the flying saucer phenomenon for the coverage in the press and the impact it had on the public. The public was beginning to take the matter seriously. That year, there was an unbelievable number of authentic sightings reported by witnesses, along with an unbelievable number of unbelievable sightings.

Here are three newspaper clippings of flying saucer incidents that show the importance of investigation.

Indiana July 29, 1952.

July 30, 1952.

Newspapers, television and radio spurred the public's interest and appetite for saucer news, and almost anything UFO-related was used, even if they had to bend over backwards to make the connection. Other times, they reported on saucers sightings that went flat, like this one from Pennsylvania.
Yuma Sun, Aug. 26, 1952

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