Friday, January 12, 2018

Avoiding a War of the Worlds: Don't Shoot Them Down!

"Cutting loose your guns might be suicide." 
Major Lewis Norman, as quoted by Donald Keyhoe 
in Flying Saucers from Outer Space, 1953.

Art from the 1962 Topps trading card series, 1962 Mars Attacks,
card #4:
Saucers Blast Our Jets

In 1952, there were rumors and speculation that the Air Force had ordered pilots to fire on flying saucers. Some people were afraid of the consequences, and thought we might anger a technologically advanced civilization and provoke a war we could not win.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 29, 1952
Jet pilots are operating under a 24-hour nation-wide "alert” to chase the mysterious objects and to ‘shoot them down” if they ignore orders to land.

Long Beach Independent, July 30, 1952

 Lebanon Daily News, July 31, 1952.

Perfect Souls from Outer Space

Mangan may have been right. In the documentary short, "The Flying Saucer Mystery," Frank Scully, the author of "Behind the Flying Saucers (one of the best-selling UFO books of all time) was interviewed. Scully said we shouldn't shoot saucers down since the aliens might be "perfect souls" never sullied by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, and therefore immortal (and presumably invincible), so we shouldn't attack them. (Scully's segment is about 6.5 minutes in the clip below.)

For more information on the "1952 Flying Saucer 'Shoot Down' Stories," see David Rudiak's page,

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