Friday, October 27, 2017

Abbott, Costello and Flying Saucers

Three Idaho men reported having observed a six feet wide flying sphere doing maneuvers unbecoming of a balloon. As reported in the Twin Falls Times News, Dec. 15, 1950:

Twin Falls Times News, Dec. 15, 1950.

It's interesting that Abbott had a prior belief in flying saucers, but did not accept the premise promoted by Donald Keyhoe that, "The Flying Saucers are Real." Unlike so many of the most interesting UFO cases featured here at The Saucers That Time Forgot, Project Blue Book does have a file on this incident, but it's a skimpy one:

The Saucer Crash of August 1952

With a case involving a witness named Abbott, we wondered what involvement Lou Costello had with flying saucers. Costello was involved in a flying saucer crash in 1952:

A flying saucer crashed into a rocket ship at UI and temporarily halted production on "Abbott & Costello Go to Mars"

Berkshire Evening Eagle,  Aug. 26, 1952

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